Although the media may similar to that used in drawing and painting, an illustration is a way to answer questions, rather than to ask them. Here I try to visually explain ideas, from simple diagrams to show a process to more complex ones showing the parts of a plant, or the characters in a book, or even enticing the viewer to place an order online.

Illustration Coptic Binding

Lark Books produced Eco Books, for which I was a technical advisor.
These illustrations show the Coptic binding.

Illustration Coptic Binding 2

This is a complex binding, and I have shown the step by step details for learning it from a book.
There were detailed instructions as well for each step. NB. These illustrations are not in order!
The graphic designer arranged them on the pages.

Illustration Book Cover design for my book

There were many line drawings in my book, The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering. I tried to keep them simple, and used no rulers in order to reflect on the hand made spirit of the book

Illusration Page Design

Setting up margins for a manuscript book, and planning the use of a parent size paper. These drawings were all labeled with type in The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering.

Illustration Pointed & Broad Edge Pens

Illustration showing the thick and thins of two kinds of lettering pens.

Illustration Word & Image layouts

Examples of thumbnail sketches showing potential designs with word and image.

Illustration Hand Drawing

Hand holding a magnifying loup. Pencil on paper

Illustration Shampoo Bottles

These illustrations of various sized bottles that all hold the same amount of shampoo serve to show how letter spacing can be variable, but must still keep the same amount of space between letters. Used in my book, The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering.

Illustration Pepper Twists

Some journal pages can be quite interesting, with odd bits of unrelated text included on the page..


Illustration Crocosmia

Working with Redenta Soprano on botanical illustration has brought me to a closer view of flowers.

Illustration Orchid Heaven

A pencil study for an illustration of an orchid

Illustration Honey Locus journal

Tree study journal, observing trees and documenting details. There are over 150 tree species near here, and I'm just at the beginning of learning about them.

Illustration Fatsia japonica journal

This lovely tree grows by a friend's house in San Francisco. My journal entry tells the story of the day that I drew and painted it.

Illustration Norway Spruce journal

My tree journal has many studies of various local trees, and some not so local.

Illustration Loblolly Pine journal

These dominate Pinehurst, along with long leaf pines. Only by drawing them could I Iearn the differences between the two.

Illustration American Holly

This lovely tree is a native here in WNC, and I have transplanted a few to my yard.

Illustration Yellowstone Ecosystem

A commission showing the various plant species in Yellowstone National Park.

Illustration Okra with shell

Pencil drawing of a collection of interesting shapes: an anemone shell, lunaria, okra, some twigs and seed pods on a folded piece of paper.

Illustration Beetle Bean Battle

This began as a study of the beetle and the beans, but as I drew them, I could see that the beans were intimidated by the ferocious beetle.

Illustration Pawlonia

Pawlonia is a weedy tree imported from Asia. Lovely, but invasive. Still, great fun to draw the seed pods.

Illustration Binewski Fabulon poster

A poster based on a book about the Binewski Fabulon, illustration done as school work during my MFA. Colored pencil on board.

Illustration Shopping Santa

In an illustration class in graduate school, I worked with an airbrush to illustrate a dilemma that Santa might have as Christmas nears.


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