Logos, Titles and Tag Lines

Fine Hand Lettering

For a company, a festival, a book jacket, a small business or just for fun, words well written become more than the sounds their letters convey. The examples you see here have been used for a variety of purposes, most notably small businesses to help in their branding. In spite of the thousands of fonts available to designers, my clients still turn to hand lettering for logos and other applications because of its expressive power. Standards for logos have changed over the years, as hand lettering used to compete with type; nowadays it is used as anti-type, made to look like it could not have been done on a computer.

I work carefully with my clients, listening to their needs and bringing them a number of choices for their identity. In addition to camera ready digital artwork for your applications, I can help you with other graphic needs as well as cards, brochures, signage and package design.

Below you see designs in a wide variety of lettering styles. My work is primarily fluid and calligraphic, though I often do work of a more structured or typographic nature.

Let me imagine your words.

Logos Asheville

Logos Chanukah Lights

Logos Michaelmas

Logos Summer ConcertsLogos Energy

Logos WCQS ShirtLogos Spiral Fern

Logos Festival of FlowersLogos Wildflowers

Logos Calligraphy Cicale

Logos Vertu Grey Logos CelebrationLogos Swannanoa logo  Logos Cold Smoke