Lettering and Calligraphy

The study of lettering and calligraphy by Annie Cicale:

A love of lettering and calligraphy, from studies of historical scripts to experimentation with contemporary styles, has been the focus of much of my work. I've taken numerous trips to Europe and Asia, where I spend a good deal of time in museums and libraries. I bring as much of this as I can into my own work, which you can see here, and to the concepts I bring to my workshops.

Lettering and calligraphy Versals study page

Lettering Black Letter 2

Transitional Black Letter Study

Lettering Gothicized Italic

Experiment with Texture, using Gothicized Italic

Lettering Uncial study

Study of Insular Uncial from the Vespasian Psalter

Lettering Black Letter Study

Black Letter Study

Lettering Calligraphy Journals

To learn lettering, I make journals like these, with study pages of various styles I'm working on. It allows me to meditate on the meaning of the words as well, some funny, some not, always interesting.

But there is more to lettering and calligraphy than just learning styles.

Designing the letters to suit the text, as well as adding illustrations to augment the text, is just the starting part, but here is where the the words become image: The Imagined Word.

Lettering Fairies

A study in contrasts, with large letters in Italic, Romans and most of the text in smaller Italic.

Lettering Brush Cat

A looser Italic, written as though my cat
was batting around the back end of my pen.

Lettering Humanism

A text on Humanism, written in a very humanistic style.

Lettering Justice Peace Humanity

Commission done during the campaign
for same sex marriage laws in North Carolina,
given to two of the demonstrators who spent a night in jail.

Lettering Resolutions Morning Child

Poem written for a son

Lettering The Last Great Roundup

Resolutions Six Principles of Partnership

Profound Thoughts Poet's Rose

With a text this long, the delicate abstract florals contrast nicely.