Profound Thoughts

We read so quickly, inundated daily with thousands of words in newspapers, books, television and digital media, but at times a writer has penned a thought succinctly that you want to read again and again. This is a fundamental reason that many calligraphers are so entranced with their craft. I read voraciously, and often find snippets of that I copy out into journals or develop into complex works. But many of my favorite projects work with profound thoughts that my clients bring to me, to be written out in a small book or framed to hang on the wall.


Many of the pieces you see here were commissions, I love to work with the words others have found, bringing my design, lettering and illustration skills to them. If you have a beloved text you would like to see in fine hand lettering, contact me and we will work together to come up with a wonderful image that expresses your ideas and mine. Indeed, this is why I call my website, The Imagined Word.

Profound Thoughts Corinthians

Traditional layout in Black Letter Script

Profound Thoughts Cicale Rose at Christmas

Profound Thoughts William Faulkner

Written in Uncial, this appeared in the 23rd edition of the Speedball Lettering Book.

Profound Thoughts Psalm 131

Watercolor ground with multi-colored lettering.

Profound Thoughts Press On

A commissioned gift for a young civil engineer, showing an antique surveying theodolyte.

Profound Thoughts Kurt Vonnegut

Vonnegut sums up the world's problems in just a few words.

Profound Thoughts Rilke poem

Poem arranged on swirls of sumi ink

Profound Thoughts ZPG banner

Lettered on frosted mylar, this banner,
8 feet tall, glows when it is backlit.