Resolutions and Awards

To honor the important work of people in the tradition of giving them a gift, you might choose beautiful framed resolutions and awards. These showcase their work, and can be uniquely designed specifically for them. As you can see here, I often incorporate illustration with these pieces, whether its a landscape or an office interior.

Weddings are another occasion to celebrate, and a wedding certificate with illustration, vows and room for the guests to sign can become a treasured keepsake.

Resolutions Joe Craven

The Swannanoa Gathering at Warren Wilson College has given these awards to many of the musicians who teach there every summer

Work Comp Duncan Award

An annual award for many years, we designed these based on the interior design of the winning agency. The little dog, Rescue, is the mascot, and is included in each award.

Resolutions Doug Orr Award

When Doug Or retired from the Presidency of Warren Wilson College, he was presented with this award.


A similar kind of work, witnessing the commitments made at a wedding, can be a simple ornamentation of a guest book, or a complex illustrated piece that includes the dates, the wedding vows and room for signatures. Couples often preserve their vows in artist's books, a great first anniversary gift, as paper is the material often used to celebrate that wonderful year of adjustment.

Resolutions Tait-Sutton vows

A wedding contract for two foresters, with illustrations of their favorite wildflowers.

Resolutions Nikkis Marriage Certificate

A wedding contract with illustrations from the seaside, as well as room for the guests to sign.

Profound Thoughts Wedding Vows Book

A little artist's book is a way to commemorate a special occasion,
and can be a more intimate and private presentation.
This little book was made to celebrate a couple's vows
on their first anniversary.