Graphic Design

Graphic Design Q Color

My favorite letter is Q. It's an opportunity to explore the subtle relationship of clrcle and line.

Graphic Designs by Annie Cicale

Usually involves projects that involve collaboration among a variety of people: marketing wizards, writers, typographers, illustrators, printers and all the folks that make up the team.

My graphic design work

Feeds into these teams, with logo designs used for book titling or small businesses, newsletters and book design, illustration and much more. I've been asked to make handwriting look like a child's, only legible, and that of a monster, not quite so much.

I enjoy meeting with my clients and listening to the image they hope I can create. This website is an introduction to some of my favorite projects to give you an idea of the range of concepts I have worked with.

I am fairly digitally literate, and can provide digital camera ready copy to suit your needs.